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Wrist Support Typing

The Wrist Support Typing provides mild thepapeutic support to aching,sewlling or weak hands and wrists

  • Features & Specification


    Name:  Wrist Support Typing


    The wraparound adjusts the tightness easily, improves the stability of the wrist, does not limit the rotation of the thumb, and provides proper support for the extension and bending of the wrist;

    The wrist support is lightweight and breathable, softly compressing and stabilizing your wrist during and after exercise and training;

    Helps relieve pain and swelling while maintaining omnidirectional movement of the thumb and fingers. Most suitable for weight lifting, cross equipment, weightlifting, push-ups, wooden boards, etc.;

    Wearing our wristband can help prevent injury to the wrist or help support the wrist after injury. This is the best gift if you have wrist pain or enjoy physical activity in your daily life.







    Used For :

    The FLYON comfort wrist support provides mild thepapeutic support to aching,sewlling or weak hands and wrists


    * Provides a comfortable feel for the wrist and is reversible for the right and left wrists.

    * Wrap-around design enhances wrist stability. It is designed to be reasonable, soft and properly compressed to stabilize and relieve pain.

    * Upgrade breathable materials to help keep your wrists dry.

    *Small body fabric is light, easy to carry, easy to fold and not easy to deform.


    Hand wash with mild soap in warm(not hot) water.Rinse well and air dry.

    DO NOT:machine wash,tumble dry,dry clean,or use bleach or fabric softeners.

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