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Wrist Support

Wrist Support refers to a piece of cloth used to protect the wrist joint. In today's society, the wristband is basically one of the sports equipment necessary for athletes. The wrist is the most active part of the body and one of the most vulnerable parts. The chance of athletes developing tendonitis at the wrist is very high. To protect it from sprains or accelerate healing, wearing a wristband is one of the effective ways.
1. It has super elastic, breathable and hydrophobic.
2. It can prevent wrist damage. Enhance the strength of the wrist. Aesthetic and comfortable.
Fully show the sporty posture. Easy to wash.
3. For health: a small investment. It will be a huge gain.
1. The wristband is made of high-grade elastic fabric, which can be completely adhered to the use part to prevent the body temperature from being lost, relieve the pain in the affected part and accelerate the recovery.
2. It promotes blood circulation: promotes blood circulation in muscle tissue at the site of use, which is extremely beneficial for the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. In addition, a good blood circulation can more exert the motor's motor function and reduce the occurrence of injuries.
3. It has support and stability: the wristband enhances the impact of joints and ligaments against external forces. Effectively protect joints and ligaments.
Daily maintenance
Keep it in a dry, well-ventilated place and take care of moisture.
It is not suitable to expose to the sun.
Please pay attention to cleaning when using.
It is forbidden to soak in water for a long time. The surface of the flannel can be soaked in water and gently rubbed. The functional surface can be wiped gently with water.
Avoid ironing.
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  • Thumb Wrist Support

    Thumb Wrist Support

    This Thumb Wrist Support is ideal for helping to recover from a thumb injury, in addition to relieving thumb pain caused by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Compression Wrist Support

    Compression Wrist Support

    This compression wrist support is suitable for women and men to prevent physical injuries, reduce joint load, and relieve stress on the wrist.

  • Exercise Wrist Support

    Exercise Wrist Support

    Exercise Wrist Support can be used on both sides, with pressure, limit function: consists of the body and the body fixed band, double pressure, can correct and stabilize the shoulder joint, effectively improve postoperative fixation and rehabilitation.

  • Wrist Support for Arthritis

    Wrist Support for Arthritis

    Wrist Support for Arthritis is Suitable for tennis, kung fu, tai chi, karate, weightlifting, fitness, fun, basketball, yoga and other sports.

  • Workout Wrist Support

    Workout Wrist Support

    The workout wrist support is the most commonly used part of our body during exercise, and the probability of developing tendonitis in the wrist is very high.

  • Athletic Wrist Support

    Athletic Wrist Support

    The athletic wrist support is generally designed with a single piece of joint wrap. It strengthens the wrist, enhances stability, and relieves wrist stiffness and fatigue caused by long-term exercise.

  • Aid Wrist Support

    Aid Wrist Support

    The aid wrist support refers to a piece of cloth used to protect the wrist joint. In today's society, the wristband is basically one of the sports equipment necessary for athletes.

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