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Elbow High Compression Sleeve

Elbow High Compression Sleeve

ULTIMATE PAIN RELIEF: Can be used post surgery or as a sport brace for athletes, reducing inflammation and offering warm relief from aches and pains or as quality support gear for sore forearm muscles MULTI PURPOSE: Whether you're an athlete or not, pain relieving compression comfortably braces the elbow and offers a full range of motion during sports, your weightlifting workout, or leisure time SELF WARMING: Fabric compress creates a sensation of heat by stimulating blood flow and increasing new oxygen delivery, speeding up the time it takes to recover, relieving pain from injury and overuse THICK FABRIC BLEND: A soft blend of Nylon, Spandex, and Latex creates a super thick anti itch material for ultimate protection and relief from tendonitis, tennis & golfers elbow, pain, and edema SMART ATHLETIC FIT: Our anti slip sleeve is made for everyone to wear.

  • Features & Specification


    1、Helps provide compression,relief and protection

    2,Increases blood circulation around the tender joint

    3,Stretch power knit for optimal fit and comfort

    4,Designed for all-day comfort with breathable and lightweight materials


    40% polyamide 25%rubber 35%polyester

    Used For :

    1,weak elbow          

    2,elbow strain/sprain


    1、Helps provide compression,relief and protection

    2,Designed for all-day comfort with soft,breathable and lightweight materials 

    3,Stretch power knit for optimal fit and comfort

    4,Sleek sleeve design follows natural shape of elbow and is discreet under clothing


    Hand wash with mild soap in warm(not hot) water.Rinse well and air dry.

    DO NOT:machine wash,tumble dry,dry clean,or use bleach or fabric softeners.

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