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How Do You Protect Your Wrists From Injury?
Oct 23, 2017

How do you protect your wrists from injury?
Relaxation finishing after exercise
After we finished the next movement, many people love to sit on the sidelines to take a rest, and peer exchange of information exchange, add water supplement, and then pick up the ball bag out of the stadium, this is unscientific and unreasonable. Because, after exercise our body has not been fully relaxed, muscles in motion will produce a lot of lactic acid, can produce muscle stiffness due to fatigue. The relaxation activities can cause respiratory and cardiovascular systems we continue to maintain a high level of sports activities, is conducive to the compensatory "oxygen debt", to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. The method is simple and easy to stretch, stretch the muscle action to slow, so that the muscles are fully stretch, gradually restore elasticity, relieve the tension fatigue state of muscle.
Treatment of wrist pain:
Change the playing posture and habits. Starting from the master stroke rhythm and batting practice, step by step to practice tennis to enjoy tennis, avoid unnecessary pain. Wear protective clothing with protective clothing. There is no significant influence on the badminton and tennis, with Wrist Support Brace, and then with Thumb Wrist Support, so that is good. Wrist Support Wrap can avoid excessive wrist flexion, play a certain role. Strong tenosynovitis caused pain. We often see the United Family outpatient department of orthopedics for patients with tenosynovitis caused by wrist pain, in view of this situation, to rest or stop moving in the acute phase, active treatment in order to avoid the development of chronic disease, exercise reasonable arrangements for the time before and after exercise and exercise intensity; fully prepared and local relaxing exercise. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment is the key to relieve compression of the median nerve, to a lesser extent The ice, braking and Wrist Support For Arthritis to eliminate the carpal canal swelling to treatment. Conservative treatment ineffective or heavier degree, our peace Department of orthopedics using small incision technique to eliminate nerve compression, so as to alleviate the symptoms of the treatment effect.

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