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Why Lumbar Support Is Vital For A Healthy Back
Jun 14, 2018

The term “lumbar” refers to the lower part of your spine, and the lumbar muscles are located in your lower back. Lumbar or lower back pain is a very common type of back pain, especially for those who sit for long hours at a desk job.

Crucial Back Functions

The lumbar area of the spine is crucial, as it allows for very important functions:

1. Mobility

It’s the lumbar spine and muscles that allow for important types of back movements such as bending, turning and twisting.

2. Strength

The lumbar region is what allows you to stand and walk. It’s also what allows you to lift.

The reason lumbar pain is so common is because the lumbar region of the spine is involved in so many daily activities. You rely so heavily on lumbar muscles and the lower back, it’s critical to good back health.

Ensure Lumbar Health

Once you begin to understand how important your lower back is, it’s easy to see why caring for it is so critical. This involves a lumbar-friendly lifestyle combined with proper lumbar support.

Fortunately, you can take care of your lower back by utilizing proper lifting techniques and through regular exercise. Using a lumbar support cushion whenever you’re sitting is a must if you’re already experiencing lumbar pain.

Even if you don’t have lower back pain, you can utilize a lumbar support cushion to help prevent pain and ensure the health of your back long term.

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