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When To Wear Sports Support During Exercise
Dec 23, 2017

Although sports gears are various, but in the exercise and competition, not have to wear a full set of protective gear in every sport, select necessary protective gear for different sports, offering effective protection for vulnerable parts.If you want to play basketball, put on the wrist support, knee pads, and ankle brace.

1、If you play football, in addition to kneepads, ankle brace, it is better to wear the leg shield, because the tibia is the most vulnerable parts when playing football.

2、like playing tennis, badminton, table tennis friends, playing down a ball, especially in the fight backhand when the elbow will hurt, even wear a elbow will hurt, experts tell us commonly known as "tennis elbow". And the tennis elbow is mainly in the moment of hitting the wrist without braking, no lock wrist, forearm extensor is excessive traction, causing attachment point damage, the elbow protection, the wrist without protection, so in When hitting the ball, there is still an excessive flexion movement, so the damage to the elbow can be aggravated.

So when playing tennis, if you feel elbow pain, while wearing elbow pads, you'd better wear a wristband. And everyone in the choice of wrist, we must choose no flexibility, flexibility is too good to play a protective role. And do not wear too tight when not too loose, too tight will affect the blood circulation, too loose and fail to protect.

3. In addition to these three big balls, three small balls, if skating or rollerblading when the shoe laces, we must all fasten, and some people think that the whole system, that the ankle activities are not flexible So, few lines, this is not right, the high waist design of roller skates is to limit your ankle out of range activities, so that you are not easy Wei feet. Young friends like some extreme sports, be sure to wear professional protective gear, so that can be effectively prevented from being hurt.

Finally, we must remind everyone that the protective gear only played a protective role in sports, so we exercise time in addition to wear some protective gear, try to master the regular technical action, strictly abide by the rules of the game. In addition, once injured in the sports competition, we must stop moving immediately, if necessary, ice with ice to ease the pain, and then have to go to the hospital to find a doctor to carry out pressure bandage.

Due to different bones and joints strain, when outing or hiking, elderly friends should wear some ankle, knee pads and waist support, but also in the usual exercise, firstly we must control their physical activity, and then Just do not do those that stretch the joints and tendons too much.

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