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When Should Wear A Waist Protector? For How Long?
Aug 23, 2017

For a long time, people need to take a stand, such as drivers, office staff, sales staff wearing high-heeled shoes, suggested sitting and standing when they wear waist, because a lot of time to sit and stand for a long time, the waist posture is not conscious askew, very easy to strain and disease. 

For patients who have been suffering from low back pain, it is recommended that they should wear waist protection as long as they are not in bed rest. Wearing waist 3~6 circles, the longest time not more than 3 months. This is because in the period of onset, the protective effect of waist protection can make the waist muscles get rest, relieve muscle spasm, promote blood circulation, and is conducive to disease recovery. But its protection is passive, in a short time effective, if long-term use waist protection will reduce the waist muscle exercise opportunities, reduce waist strength formation, lumbar muscle began to gradually atrophy, but cause new damage.