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What Is 'golf Elbow'
Dec 15, 2017

The golfing elbow is also referred to as the upper lateral humeral condylitis or flexor tendon injury. An injury caused by excessive fatigue in the beginning of the tendon of the flexor tendon. When after playing golf clubs to the highest point, the muscles under outer pressure, the pressure runs through the whole process of the skirt to hit the golf ball, again and again to do such action will lead to inside humerus condyle inflammation, so golf elbow brace is necessary when play golf. pay attention to the people the golf player, in peacetime work life also can have similar action, cause inflammation. The pain site is in the medial condyle of the humerus (that is, the medial part of the elbow) and is increased with the curvature of the wrist and the rotation of the forearm. Treatment includes rest, ice compress, anti-inflammatory analgesic (celebrex, kusnezoff monkshood root, beauty yesterday, etc.), splint fixation, traditional Chinese medicine external treatment, physical therapy, etc., to rest and avoid continue to make similar action is important. Hormone local injection is also a treatment, but it can not be used frequently, usually once, the second time after 7-10 days, the third generally no longer chooses.