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What Is Back Support
Nov 20, 2017

Back Support, also Spine Support Belts, Lumbar Spine Support. Daily waist disease protection is fixed, Elastic Waist Support is used in sports to protect the waist from injury, heat preservation, or some special function of the belt. In sports, the waist is often due to excessive resistance to resistance. Wearing the appropriate material and size of the waist can effectively protect the waist and prevent sports injury.

Generally by a gas-permeable waist retainer, elastic around high quality high elasticity, strengthen belt, nylon etc, inside the article half hard aluminum alloy or plastic medical fibers, can be supported and fixed spine and tighten abdominal pull force and peel strength excellent Velcro, guarantee the long-term safety guard Joe can use, easy to adjust the size of the guard Joe and elastic increase abdominal pressure, relieve lumbar bearing, limit the lumbosacral vertebral activity, alleviate the pain, auxiliary physiotherapy rehabilitation design unique, allergy, good air permeability, wearing comfortable, elastic free adjustment has certain protective effect on lumbar spine.