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What Does A Tennis Support Brace Do?
Dec 15, 2017

Tennis is a pentathlon, for young and old, however, we often see people playing tennis, will have a bowl, then the wristbands for playing tennis, is what kind of help? So what's the role of a tennis wristwatch?

What is the role of a tennis guard?

What does a tennis protector do?


1. Protect the wrist

It is important to play tennis, wrist a joint, the need to control the direction of the shot, also need to pass the power of the body, and play tennis need strength is relatively large, but they may be injured, take wristbands can reduce the flip of the wrist, prevent the wrist joints sprain, and wrist may also exercise for a long time may suffer from tendonitis, bring wristbands can prevent these diseases.


2. Elbow protection

Playing tennis elbow is also very important parts, if do not have good posture of playing tennis, can appear the phenomenon of elbow pain, go down for a long time may also suffer from "tennis elbow", the elbow is the hard part, but the use of common elbow, happens joint fatigue, elbow pads can produce bound to tendons, reduce the possibility of injury, also have the effect that reduce pain.


3. Knee protection

 Tennis is a whole body movement, need whole body coordination, knee injuries also may be in the process of back and forth volleys, plays an important role in the knee, knee can reduce the possibility of injury, accidentally fall can also avoid the scratches, knee is more common in sports activities.