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The Role Of The Wrist
Aug 23, 2017

The role of the wrist, the first is to provide pressure to reduce swelling; the second is to restrict the activities, so that the injured parts to recuperate.

At the same time, it is best not to hinder the normal operation of the hand function, so if not necessary, most of the wrist, should be allowed to finger activities, not subject to constraints.

2006 - 2011, China's sporting goods industry (sportswear, sports shoes, sports equipment and related sports products manufacturing and sales added value increased year by year, the average annual compound growth rate of 17.63% to 2011 is expected to reach 176 billion yuan, accounting for sports Industry accounted for more than 80%.

"Made in China" occupies more than 65% of the world's sporting goods industry share, China is also second only to the United States, the world's second largest sporting goods consumer market. Bracers supplies as a sporting goods subdivision equipment development is also very fast.

The bandage includes part of the palm and forearm, belonging to the official wrist. Design, like a sock-like wear on the wrist; also some design is a stretch of the tape, use it to be wrapped around the wrist. The latter design is superior, because both the shape and pressure can meet the individual needs of the user. If the situation is more serious, need to further fixed the wrist, and provide a more solid support, the metal wrist strap will be useful. But because of the larger range of fixed, the price is not cheap, we can choose under the recommendations of medical staff.

Elbow and knee pads are designed to prevent elbows and knees from falling, and wear cushions or hard shells. To reduce the weight of the equipment, the designer will be elbow and knee design more compact, beautiful, convenient and practical.

Like playing tennis, badminton, table tennis friends, playing in a ball down, especially in playing backhand when the elbow will hurt, even wearing a elbow will hurt, experts tell us that this is called "tennis elbow" The And the tennis elbow is mainly in the moment of the ball, the wrist is not brakes, no lock wrist, forearm extensor was excessive stretch, causing damage to the attachment point, the elbow protection, the wrist is not protected, so in the Hit the ball when there is a excessive trampling action, so that the damage to the elbow can also increase. So when playing tennis, if you feel elbow pain, while wearing elbow, you'd better wear a wrist. And everyone in the choice of wrist, be sure to choose no flexibility, flexibility is not good to play a protective effect. And do not wear too tight when not too loose, too tight will affect the blood circulation, too loose and can not achieve the protective effect.

In addition to these three balls, three small ball, if you are in the skating or roller skating, when the Department of shoelaces, be sure to tighten all, some people think that the whole system, it felt ankle activity is not flexible , So less a few Road, this is not right, the design of the high waist skates is to limit your ankle range of activities, so you are not easy Wei feet. Young friends like some extreme sports, must wear a professional protective gear, so that can effectively prevent the fall. Finally, but also to remind you that the protective gear is only in the movement to play a protective role, so everyone in the sports game in addition to wearing some protective gear, try to master the formal technical action, strictly abide by the rules of the game. In addition, once injured in the sports competition, first stop to continue to exercise, conditional ice with ice to relieve pain, and then must go to the hospital to find a professional doctor for pressure bandage.

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