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Sports Wear Ankle Knee, The Body Is Not Easy To Hurt
Aug 23, 2017

Ankle Knee can effectively protect the knee, reduce the damage, wearing ankle can effectively protect the ankle. According to the "Times of India" recently reported that the American Society of Sports Orthopedics Society of San Diego, California, announced a new study shows that playing ankle when playing basketball to help prevent ankle injury and fractures.

Dr. Timothy A. McGinna of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and colleagues conducted a follow-up survey of 1460 13-18 year-old basketball players in 46 secondary schools in the United States. The results showed that the movement did not wear ankle students were seriously injured in 78 cases, while the "ankle group" only 27 cases, probably reduced by 2/3. This shows that in sports (especially basketball), to develop the habit of protecting the ankle joint, is one of the important measures to prevent sports injuries.

Ankle is not just basketball, volleyball and other ball sports essential protective gear. In the long distance hiking or mountain climbing and other sports, the ankle can also play an important role. Especially when the physical decline from the gravel road, the role is particularly evident. Experts recommend that the use of ankle at least pay attention to: 1. As the ankle mostly elastic synthetic materials, cleaning, it is best to use a neutral detergent, cold water hand wash, not machine wash or dehydration, should not be exposed. 2. Ankle must be appropriate size, too tight will lead to poor blood circulation of the foot, too loose is the ideal protective effect.