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Sports Safety
Apr 02, 2018

With the development of the national fitness campaign, people’s awareness of exercise continues to increase. However, more and more people are visiting the hospital because of the neglect of health protection during the exercise. Exercise can be physically strong, but if self-protection awareness is not enough and there is not enough awareness of sports technical injuries, it is easy to suffer sports and technical injuries caused by improper exercise.

Many people believe that in the amateur sports and competitions, you must first make preparations, then pay more attention to yourself, and the chance of injury will be small. In fact, this idea is not correct, because the damage, such as sprains, falls, all kinds of bumps, only 2% of sports injuries, its name is accidental injury. Nearly 98% of injuries are the kind of sports technical injuries. This is because we generally do not have specialized training, coupled with the lack of self-protection awareness, often resulting in technical damage. In order to reduce and avoid the damage caused by sports, the protection of sports protection equipment is needed. It is important to understand and understand the role of sports gear and choose the correct one to use.

The parts that are prone to injury during exercise are the joints of the human body, such as wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. During exercise, people often perform stretching exercises beyond the normal range, which will cause different degrees of damage to the joints and tendons, joint or tendon pain, severe joint inflammation and tendon strain. The famous athlete Liu Xiang retired in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is our eternal regret.

Therefore, in addition to doing enough exercise and proper exercise before exercise, the selection and use of sports gear is the most important measure to prevent sports injuries. Its role is to allow the joints and muscles to exercise in the normal range, limit the extent of joint activity to assist the muscle contraction and reduce the friction of the epidermis, and reduce the body damage caused by abnormal exercise. Professionally designed protective pads help the dynamic performance of the limb during exercise, while providing a constant and compressive force to the protection site, keeping it cool and protecting the soft tissue. Moderate compressive forces help relieve pain and prevent further pain during exercise.

The designer of FLYON is equipped with wristbands, elbow pads, shoulder pads, waistbands, leg guards, knee pads, shin guards and other products. The specifications are available in large, medium and small sizes for sports enthusiasts. Its materials are breathable materials, knitted materials and composite materials and functional fibers. A reasonable restraint force ensures that it is not too tight and not too loose when worn. Too tight will affect blood circulation, too loose and will not provide protection.