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Function of Knee Protector during Hiking
Apr 02, 2018

The kneepad has a great deal of opinions on the hike. Whether the kneepad is worn or not. Due to the geographical differences between the south and the north, the band is still left alone. A person's knee can be calculated in 40 years, knee pads can be 35 years, and knee pads can only be 15 to 20 years.

First. In mountainous villages, among people over the age of 60, most of them have problems with their legs because of reasons such as labor and recitation on the ground. The reason is that they have to go to work in the fields every day, which proves that they have significant leg edema. Water.

Second, you say that knee protection is important. Why don't you walk with knee pads when you go to work? Because I have a seat after work, I don't stop walking. Why don't you wear a kneepad to go out for exercise at night? Because you are not a few hours of exercise, up to two hours, the legs go hot.

Third, athletes, basketball football players, and table tennis players are all injured. It's a football field where a few people wear knee pads and say that it is wonderful, but you have to count momentum for hours from time. These are also It's not always an endless exercise, not to mention exercise.

The kneepads are divided into: medical knee pads, sports knee pads, sports shops, and outdoor shops all selling sports knee pads. The blood circulation is not good. The knee pads are not 24 hours. When you rest, eat, and sleep at night without knee pads, it will not affect your blood circulation. Without a kneepad to sleep one night did not ease the wear of the knee, but also began to reload the next day a few days to go, the wear of the knee, everyone can think of it.