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Knee Brace
Nov 23, 2017

How Do They Work?

Knee braces work in three ways:

1) They fit snugly providing some compression to the knee which helps support the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments)

2) They retain heat which increases the circulation to the knee which can help to promote healing

3) They reduce the forces going through the patella by improving patellar tracking (how the kneecap moves)

How Do They Vary?

Most knee braces in this category are a wrap-around style with adjustable Velcro straps allowing you to ensure an accurate fit, but there are a couple of pull up sleeves that offer advanced protection.

They all tend to have a hole at the front to help support the kneecap and improve patella tracking without putting pressure through the kneecap or knee bursa.

Knee straps also fall into the advanced protection category, and are particularly useful for conditions such as Chondromalacia Patella and Runners Knee. They are covered in depth in the knee straps section.