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I Have Tennis Elbow, I'm Going To Play Basketball, How To Use Elbow Bandage?
Dec 15, 2017

The real name of tennis elbow is the epicondylitis of the humerus, which is known as tennis elbow. It is a common disease that occurs frequently in the working group that repeatedly USES the arm.


1、The tennis elbow is also known as the epicondylitis outside the humerus because of the excessive contraction of the extensor muscles in the forearm, which is often used and causes fatigue, resulting in the degeneration of the tendon in the starting point of the muscles, tearing and other causes. Common causes include: the pose error using tennis rackets, badminton racket, or engaged in these ball games too much, make the forearm fatigue, and because of the age led to the decrease of the flexibility and other incentives.


2、In the treatment of tennis elbow, the muscle damage of traditional Chinese medicine has thousands of years of rich experience, {bone. Broken ning} combination of TCM and modern medicine of people made of a high incidence of disease, is a good medicine for the treatment of muscle damage and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis.


3、Damage is usually caused by excessive wrist flexion, susceptible factors including shoulder or wrist muscle weakness, effort is too big or the use of rotating motion, while playing tennis ball racket string is too tight or too short, the racket handle is too heavy or often strike heavy ball, throwing a baseball, and javelin throwing, and to move the heavy box, etc. Negative pain continues to exercise and the tendons can be pulled at the attachment point of the bone to cause bleeding. The main symptom is the pain that comes from the elbow when bending the wrist against resistance or squeezing the rubber ball in the hand. The backhand tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a pain in the lateral side of the forearm caused by the injury of the extensor tendon. The forearm extensor, attached to the outside of the elbow, overdoes the strain and causes pain at the attachment point. The power of the racket is transmitted to the end of the elbow which can damage the tendon. Backhand tennis elbow caused by factors such as incorrect reverse strokes, shoulder and wrist muscle weakness, the racket string is too tight or racket handle is too short, they hit points away from the racket center or often heavy ball. The initial symptoms are pain in the backhand stroke or other similar action. The pain radiates to the forearm along the outer back of the elbow