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How To Use Wrist Support Brace Correctly ?
Sep 11, 2017

We all know that gloves and Wrist Support Brace design is used to protect the hand and wrist, in order to meet this need as much as possible, many manufacturers produce a variety of wrist support type and style are many. So, care of the wrist for the use of special protective gear is correct?


Protect the wrist pain, swelling to avoid excessive stress caused by injury; relieve sprain, tenosynovitis caused by pain; can also be used for wrist fractures And wrist swelling, sprain, fasciitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome (mouse hand) and other injuries rehabilitation.


Protect the wrist with a special care device as a wrist of the tool, the use of methods is not complicated, the correct method of operation is:


1. From the V mark mark, the thumb protrudes from the side opening.


2. Adjust the elbow to make the middle of the sandwich weaving of the traits do not twist gently stretched so that the care of the wrist sticks will cause the thumb to increase the burden of the thumb, need to pay attention to direct contact with the skin to wear. If the wearing position deviation can lead to the lack of access to the appropriate support function.