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How Important Is A Good Ankle?
Aug 23, 2017

Murray won the Wimbledon men's singles title for the UK, and the recent Reds, who was very impressive in the final run. Careful fans will find that Murray feet than Djokovic more than a pair of ankles. Perhaps this is an important factor in the ankle that Murray wins.

According to British media reports, Murray's this high-tech ankle is made before Wimbledon. Ankle on the "A60" words, is AIRCAST's hot products. Compared to the general ankle, this set of bionic ankle is clearly the protection of the entire ankle a lot better, not only a large area of protection, and both sides have additional support. Ankle in the material also appears to be more flexible, basically do not let the ankle feel too much discomfort.

No injuries can be protected

Most athletes are aware of the importance of protective gear after being injured by exercise. In fact, wearing a protective gear before the injury can be a good protection of the body. Basketball, soccer, badminton and other common movements can cause damage to the ankle joint, put on a suitable ankle can help strengthen the strength of the muscles around the ankle joint, play an important role in the ankle joint and protect the ankle sprain , But also to prevent Achilles tendon injury.