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Function Of Waist Support
Apr 02, 2018

First, pressurize. Apply some pressure on the muscles to adjust the balance of exercise stress. To some extent, strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling. Muscles are stimulated during exercise, metabolism is accelerated, and the amount of water in muscle cells increases, causing the cells to have a feeling of swelling. Appropriate application of pressure helps to make exercise easier and more powerful.

Second, support. The harder waistband can provide some support during the exercise, support the oversized waist, reduce the force on the muscles, and protect the waist from sprain or soreness. Some functional back belts are attached with metal sheets, which can effectively provide greater support and avoid accidental injuries. The back of the belt is generally higher.


Third, keep warm. The double or multi-layered material has a stronger thermal insulation function than the soft and comfortable waistband. Athletes often wear less in sports, and the waist is more heat-dissipating, easily catching cold, causing people to get sore, licking or causing stomach discomfort. Insulation of the waist can effectively maintain waist temperature, speed up blood circulation, prevent some of the cold and stomach discomfort.

Fourth, body sculpting. Strengthen cell metabolism, burn fat, adjust tightness, and apply appropriate pressure helps to lose weight. In doing sports related to the waist, the waist that pressurizes and insulates sweat can accelerate the decomposition of fat.