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Choose A Suitable Ankle For You
Aug 23, 2017

A suitable ankle can help strengthen the strength of the muscles around the ankle joint, play an important role in the ankle joint and protect the ankle sprain, but also to prevent the Achilles tendon injury. For athletes who are ankle injury, it can also effectively reduce the range of joint activity, relieve pain, and speed up recovery. Especially some ankle instability, should wear ankle. In addition, when the gymnastics and the like when the intense movement, should also be wrapped in ankle tape on the fixed.

Hu Yuelin said that many people in the ankle injury, as long as they can continue to walk without treatment and protection, which will actually bring a lot of follow-up injury to the ankle. When ankle sprain occurs, even if there is no fracture, there will be ankle ligament tear, and even joint capsule tear and so on, so do an important protection of the ankle.

Choose the right ankle according to different circumstances

The current market on the ankle by material can be divided into the following categories, fitness enthusiasts can choose according to their own situation for their own ankle.

Elastic fabric Ankle: Unique elastic fabric makes the protective gear and ankle close together, can provide a solid protection, but also allows the foot to full range of movement. Suitable for most styles of shoes, is the most common ankle.

Synthetic rubber ankle: When the ankle need additional warmth and mild pressure, the choice of synthetic rubber ankle can provide protection, and will not limit the normal foot activity.

Adjustable ankle: the use of cross-type elastic band, the injured and sore ankle to provide protection. Stitching design can make the ankle is not easy to fall, the arch part will not feel tight. This type of ankle more comfortable, according to their own situation to adjust the ankle elastic.

In addition to the above suitable fitness enthusiasts for the ankle, there are some built-in steel pad of the special ankle, for ankle rehabilitation training patients should be used under the guidance of a doctor.