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Ankle Principle
Aug 23, 2017

The ankle guard is a lightweight ankle foot protective orthosis for ankle sprains, ankle ligament injuries, ankle instability, and so on. The effectiveness of the ankle cushion in the movement, can serve to limit ankle activity around and prevent caused by ankle varus sprain of ankle joint injury, relieve pressure, soft tissue injury and promote the strengthening of ankle joint function recovery. Moreover, the utility model can be matched with ordinary shoes and can not influence the walking gait.

Ankle joint injury is one of the most common sports injuries. Running, jumping, or changing the direction of the project, ankle injuries are more common. Ankle torsion occurs over individual range of motion, excessive stretching and tearing of ligaments around the ankle, and muscle and tendon injuries in the extensor digitorum muscles. The most common site of injury is tendon and muscle belly, tendon and bone tissue junction. Foot and ankle are complex structures with plenty of foot joints, many of them are micro joints, and the weak link of foot and ankle is the main part of sports injuries.

If the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the ankle are not adequately trained, there is a risk of injury. For example, the muscles of the lower leg may be stronger than those of the lower leg, which may lead to muscular imbalance. Or the tendon is too tight, and the muscles in the front are too flexible, which leads to an imbalance of flexibility. The other is the lack of warm ups and muscle stretching. The support straps provide additional support and stability for weak ankles and injured ankles.

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