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Ankle Effect
Aug 23, 2017

The ankle protector protects the ankle from the pressure of the ankle joint. It is a portable ankle protector. It is suitable for the prevention of ankle sprain, ankle ligament injury and ankle instability. The utility model can play the role of the ankle and the ankle of the prophet, prevent the sprain caused by the varus of the ankle and ankle, reduce the pressure of the injured part of the ankle joint, reinforce the ankle joint and promote the healing of the soft tissue of the injured tissue. In general, protective gear is to be more tight to have effect, protective equipment is made of elastic material, to be able to tighten the joints, equivalent to adding a protective layer at the joint. If you wear after the partial loose, exercise effect is not good, can only be used as warm. Of course, protective equipment can not be too tight, affecting the blood circulation.

The article takes football and basketball as an example to introduce the function and principle of ankle protection in preventing sports injury:

Football game

Due to fierce confrontation between football, the two sides physical contact, collision, suddenly reloading or falling, ankle extreme twist, or trampled by others and players foul action.

On the uneven ground or on lower quality turf, because of poor agreement and different depth of ground, ankle injuries are caused by inertia.

Shoes too big or too small, feet in the shoes easily rolling or not flat.

Inadequate preparation, lack of concentration, and lack of effective ankle joint fixation. Most ankle injuries are caused by improper use of a support belt or support belt when an athlete is training or competing.

Therefore the use of ankle brace is necessary, is to put pressure on the relevant parts of the protection principle, improve the bearing capacity of ankle ligament, football ankle device is composed of a cover layer, retaining piece, ankle pad and elastic sleeve, retaining the ankle with brittle materials are plastic liner, retaining the lower parts of a spherical convex piece of ankle. The ankle protecting effect is very good, and when the opponent moves, kicks, kicks or shovels to break, the ankle block is broken or broken to absorb energy, so the utility model has good ankle protection effect.

Basketball game

Because the athlete jumps the ground movement to cause, when the human jumps in the air, the double sole is slightly natural inversion, if the physical strength drops, the natural inversion scope is bigger. While jumping in the air, the ankle has a force, holding the sole of the foot to prevent my feet from turning naturally, which can greatly reduce ankle injuries.

There are two kinds of basketball ankle guard:

One is a foot set

One is the bandage type.

In the case of ankle injuries, you can wear it to strengthen your ankle sprains and strengthen your joints as long as you are not injured. Bandage type use should pay attention to when there is injury, with better, it is larger than the set foot type enhances the torsional strength.