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A Lumbar Support Cushion Is Crucial
Jun 19, 2018

A lumbar support cushion is a special type of pillow that’s designed to provide the cushioning and support the lower back needs.

Lumbar cushions are placed between your lower back and the back of your chair when sitting. They fit snugly in the gap that naturally forms where your spine curves away from the back of your chair.

By filling this gap, a lumbar support pillow takes pressure of lumbar muscles. It can help prevent painful strains on those muscles, as they no longer absorb all of the downward pressure sitting in an upright position involves.

Allowing the lumbar muscles to relax and stop working so hard is just one way lumbar support benefits the back. By preserving the natural curve of your spineFeature Articles, you can promote good circulation throughout your back as well as your legs while sitting. You can also alleviate pain caused by improper spine posture and reduce stress on the lower spine.

A lumbar support cushion is an inexpensive alternative to placing excessive strain on the lumbar region while sitting. Lumbar support can not only decrease and prevent lower back pain; it can help ensure the overall health of your back by promoting good sitting posture.