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What is an ankle brace?
Jul 16, 2018

There are many different types, each designed to manage specific conditions or ailments, therefore selecting the correct ankle brace can be difficult. If you are ever in doubt as to which option you should opt for you should speak with a clinician.

Regardless of the type chosen, they all have one aim in mind in the support of the ankle joint during recovery and beyond in offering the wearer another level of protection for what may be a weak or injury prone joint.


How does an ankle brace work?

Each type of ankle bracewill work in a slightly different way as some are designed to pull onto the ankle joint and some wrap round the joint, however both still offer compression to the affected area.

If you consider a BioSkin ankle brace, they are designed to offer a higher level of compression compared to their neoprene counterparts, providing a very snug feel to the wearer. Compression of an injury works in two ways in that it can help to manage inflammation, as a result of the skin tight material, and help to manage pain. Depending on the type selected it may offer additional stability and support, thereby preventing the ankle joint from rolling during an activity.

When do I need to wear an ankle brace?

An ankle brace will typically only ever be worn following injury as a means of protecting what could be a vulnerable area of the body. In the event of a sprained ankle you may be advised by the hospital or your physiotherapist to purchase an one as a means of protecting your ankle in the future.

Anyone who has suffered a sprained ankle will know how painful and debilitating it can be, albeit being considered a minor ailment. An ankle brace is designed to help you get back on your feet faster and for longer by managing the pain and inflammation whilst giving you extra support in the joint.

Which ankle brace should I select?

Each ankle brace is completely different in terms of the type of what its intention is. Products such as the Airform Stirrup Ankle Brace are designed to increase stability and reduce rolling and swaying of the joint.

The BioSkin TriLok however is designed to act as an external ligament, controlling inversion and eversion of the ankle. It works to control the motion of the forefoot whilst not restricting the movement of a person in terms of walking and running.

At the extreme end of the scale you have products like the Rebound Air Walker boot which offers a completely rigid shell for full protection following anything from a sprained ankle to ankle surgery. Whilst it is designed to allow you to stay mobile, it is not suitable for sporting activities.

What are the benefits of wearing an ankle support?

Each type carries its own benefits. The common theme among these products is the extra protection they provide as well as giving patients the confidence to carry on with their activities, sporting or otherwise.

Depending on the type of ankle injury incurred, rehabilitation will differ, with simple strains requiring additional support to prevent over rolling of the ankle and ligament damage requiring compression to help manage the condition.

Diagnosing an ankle injury is your first step to selecting the correct brace. What may seem like a simple sprain could in fact be a more serious ligament problem, requiring a completely different productBusiness Management Articles, exercise plan and even surgery.

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