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What are the basketball guards?
Aug 23, 2017

People who exercise regularly have a certain understanding of sports protection, and they also know better. People who exercise regularly have a certain understanding of the brand of sports equipment. Also know how to use all kinds of protective clothing.  But some people do not know, in fact when exercise whether most adolescents and middle-aged people will wear a knee on knee, especially in the winter also insisted on playing basketball friends will be wearing knee pads on his knees. Because in winter, playing basketball, the knee is the most prone to problems, this time it is necessary to wear knee pads. Some people will ask: what are the basketball protective devices? How about the use of basketball knee pads? What's the use of playing basketball knee pads?

What are some protective equipment for basketball?

For basketball protective gear, basically anyone can say the same, but if all introduced it is still very difficult, even the basketball gear protectors of the old drivers are not necessarily all can say. So what are the randsome? Brace: waist, waist is the most important part, no matter what kind of sports do need help if your waist, waist boring or your waist action does not easily hurt. Wear a belt can well support fixed our waist, very good to prevent the injured our waist; ankle, ankle to ankle fixed to protect yourself, mainly is to prevent ankle injury, ankle support another role is to prevent the Achilles tendon of the long pull effect. If the ankle is already injured, the ankle can also reduce the range of ankle movements, reduce the pain and restore the ankle quickly. Besides these, there are goggles, wrist guards, knee pads and so on. There are so many different kinds that it is difficult to introduce them completely.

How to use basketball knee pads?

Basketball knee pads are in fact no manual type of use, I can only tell you, as long as you have no problem, you will be able to use basketball knee pads, do not believe it, then try it yourself. Therefore, the use of basketball knee pads do not introduce the method, and now people are pursuing the efficient and convenient basketball knee pads, so basically there is no special complex, and do not wear good, there is no effect of basketball knee pads exist. Because the major brands of basketball, knee pads are to cater to consumer production.

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