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Types of Back Support
Jun 14, 2018

Are you experiencing back pain? There is a simple solution to most types of back pain. These are any number of products which are specially designed for back pain problems. They are collectively called "back support."

Those who are suffering from back pain and those who wish to avoid it will have to use any of the different types of back support. These devices are available in several shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. You can learn about them through various sources of lumbar support information.Of course, it would be best to consult your doctor for advice as to the best type of back support for your specific condition. However, it would also do you well to learn about the different types of support beforehand so that you can discuss it confidently with your doctor. Here are the different types of back support that can help you relieve or prevent back pain:

1. Back Braces

These back braces are used to ensure that you always keep the proper posture whether you are standing or seated. It is usually prescribed by doctors for young people who suffer from back pain due to scoliosis. It helps correct the improper curvature that commonly characterizes this condition. As a sufferer grows older and his spine matures, the brace can be exchanged for a different type of back support such as a lumbar belt.

2. Ergonomic Chairs

These ergonomic chairs are chairs with seatbacks especially designed to conform to the natural inward curve of the human spine, thus ensuring that you have proper posture even when seated for prolonged periods. This is perfect for office workers who have to sit at their desks all day. One type of ergonomic chair provides passive support, which means that the seatback is fixed and cannot be adjusted. The other type provides active support, which means that the seatback can be adjusted to fit the user’s frame. This is advisable if there are more than one users of a chair.

3. Back Support Cushions

These back support cushions are contoured back support devices that help ensure proper spinal position and comfort when you are seated. Their thickness can range from one inch to three inches, and you can choose according to the level of support that you need. These cushions are usually made of highly-resistant memory foam, ensuring that they will not break down even with repeated use.

4. Lumbar Belts

These lumbar belts are Velcro belts that wraps around your lower back and across your stomach. It helps relieve and prevent back pain by easing the pressure on your lumbar area, or the lowest end of your spine. It is worn from the middle of your back to just above your hipbones and it has adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the level of support according to your needs. There are also lumbar belts made especially for pregnant women.

The importance of keeping your back healthy and strong cannot be overemphasized. You would do well to take care of your back even before you experience the first stirrings of back pain. SoFind Article, take note of the different types of back support and choose the one that suits your needs best.

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