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The role of the knees and elbow of the essential guard
Aug 23, 2017

The knee is a very important part in the movement, and it is a relatively fragile vulnerable area, or a hurt very pain and recovered slowly, even people will appear on the dull and cloudy rain.

In view of the fact that the knee is one of the most important parts of outdoor activity and is often injured, therefore, we recommend knee pads, so before use, let us first understand what role knee pads have.

heat preservation

The knee is very easy to catch the local, many of the knee joint disease associated with knee cold, especially in the mountain, the mountain is very cold and very hard, often due to the activity in the leg muscles will feel very hot, and your knees with no muscle activity, so it is not hot, when we feel the time is radiating leg the knee is really comfortable, in the cold, then, if it is wearing a knee that can show the insulation effect of knee.


The knee joint is on the intersection of the central leg ends, meniscus, patellar behind the patella is composed of two muscles, suspended in the leg before the interchange, very casually slide in ordinary life, not affected by external force, there is no violent activities, so the patella in the knees can small category of general the. As mountain climbing puts too much pressure on the knee, coupled with strenuous activity in the mountains, the patella is easily pulled away from the original site, causing the disease in the knee joint.

With a kneecap, the patella can flow in an absolutely fluctuating position to ensure that it is not subject to injury. Above that is the knee in the knee was not injured when the system moves with mild, after a knee injury, with severe bending brake pads can reduce knee, leg from the thigh to stay in a straight line, reduce the bending of the knee joint, so that the knee will no longer be worse.  Depending on the function,

Two kinds of knee pads for mountain climbing are recommended.  One kind is in the outdoor shop common kind of quite thick, in front has a big hole to be able to expose the knee, usually is the binding type, then uses the sticky buckle to fix the kneecap. The knee after tying up can make the knee can not bend easily, thigh and calf always knee in a straight line, therefore, is very suitable for a knee injury after severe "brake", and the permeability of the material, can not be used for daily protection on the knees. The other is a set of thin knee on his knees, have certain elasticity, belt, the knee is still free to play, just can obviously feel the patella was gently tighten a bit, the mild brake can be used to protect the knee of the knee exercise, and this protective knee permeability is very well, usually with a basic will not feel what is not convenient, so that in each of the mountaineering activities, the use of this mild brake pads.

Elbow role, the first is to provide pressure, reduce the swelling; second is to limit the activities, let the injured area to recuperate. At the same time, the normal operation function is best to do not interfere with the hand, so if necessary, most of the elbow, unfettered.

Elbow and knee is to prevent elbow and knee protection device was hurt, and wear a cushion or shell design. In order to reduce the weight of the equipment, the designer will design more elbow and knee pads lightweight, beautiful, convenient and practical.

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