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The characteristics of elbow
Aug 23, 2017

1, heat treatment: heat treatment temperature and humidity is the most coaches, rehabilitation physicians pay attention to treatment of injured joints and tendons. Elbow pads are made of high-grade elastic fabric, can completely fit closely to the use of the site, to prevent heat loss, alleviate pain, accelerate healing.

2, promote blood circulation, heat treatment for elbow to maintain, promote the use of muscle tissue blood circulation, the treatment effect is very helpful with arthritis and joint pain. In addition, good blood circulation can give more play to muscle movement and reduce injury.

3, support and stable effect: can enhance the elbow joints and ligaments against external shocks. Protects joints and ligaments effectively.

4, light, breathable, elastic material, comfortable to wear, with good support and gentle shock, machine washable, easy to wear, suitable for running, ball games and outdoor sports

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