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The basic types of the elbow
Aug 23, 2017

Elbow movement

1, with elastic, breathable, water super.

2, to prevent the injury of the wrist, strengthen the wrist, beautiful and comfortable, full motion charm and easy washing.

3, for the sake of health: a small investment will be a great harvest.

Simple type elbow

Double telescopic material can provide your elbow the most basic stability and warm, suitable for wearing in a gentle limb movement.

Maintenance rehabilitation elbow

The elbow is especially suitable for patients with rheumatoid joints, it is different from the elbow movement to thickness and hardness, instead pay more attention to the warmth and light, while the air sweating more demanding. This kind of material use day Meilong elbow fiber, with the highest of all insulation material, and has a strong sweat breathable function. So the day is also used in the adjuvant treatment of elbow Meilong, such as the market in a huge burst of popularity of the bio shark belongs to this kind of elbow.

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