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Selection of waist protector
Aug 23, 2017

There are many kinds of waist protection. When choosing, you must consider your own needs, and evaluate them from the following points.

1. is the protection aimed at the lumbar spine or hip?

The former need to buy high waist, and the latter needs to buy low waist. Patients with lumbar disc herniation need to buy high waist, and postpartum women often need to protect the pelvis, when the lower waist is better.

2. do you have orthopedic function? For patients with lumbar discomfort, often need to protect the waist after the addition of steel or resin lath, used to fix the body shape, reduce bending and relieve pain. But the lath must be strong and flexible! In this sense, the quality of resin lath due to flexibility, both than the general steel effect will be better. Only flexibility, both in order to correct the back bend, restore upright posture, will not feel pain or pain

The 3. air permeability?

This is very important! Most people need waist support, not only for the winter, but also for the summer, but this time, if not waist ventilation perspire wear on a body, then became a. If the waist protector is mesh structure, this problem can be solved.

4. whether to have skid resistance and prevent the shift of the protector?

The poor quality of nursing on lumbar puncture after the movement began to shift slightly askew, on lalacheche.

The 5. material is light thin?

The current social pursuit of fashion, no one is willing to heavy heavy protective clothing, affecting the dress. Only a slim waist, can show the beautiful figure!

6., the design of the outer contour line of the waist protector is reasonable?

Wear plate shape waist after often sitting inconvenience. Only in line with human body shape and exercise habits of line modeling, it can fit the body, can bend, turn and exercise flexibility.

7. is it convenient to deduct?

8., whether it has incidental function?

If you have a pouch that can be filled with a heating sheet, if any, then you can use it in winter, and in summer you can empty it.

9. is it hard to tie tight?

This is important for older people. Some good waist strap with a pulley principle, less force can easily bind, make sure not too fixed at the same time in pain.

To sum up, buy waist care must take into account their own characteristics and needs, select intimate, relaxed, easy to use type.

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