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Practice yoga how to protect the knee
Aug 23, 2017

Busy work or avoid some sad, especially at the weekend one nest on the sofa will always feel lonely, over a week of hard work suddenly quiet down, but no one accompany, I feel nothing more, this time to suggest that proper exercise, can give us a little healthy and confidence. Reduce your inner loneliness and give you a full vacation. It's a good choice to go climbing and yoga. These simple exercises not only bring us good health, but also make you fall in love with it from now on.

How to protect your knees by practicing yoga?

Yoga is something that many women enjoy. Yoga is gentle and simple. It gives you a supple body and is very easy and happy to practice. The warm-up exercises for the hip should be done in advance. In yoga practice, attention should be paid to warming up hip exercises in advance. Hip twist exercises can be practiced, such as butterfly, bovine face, etc., to strengthen the hip joint tension. Only early warming up exercises in the hip can reduce the chance of knee injury.

What knee pads do you wear on your injured knee?

The injured knee there is always a feeling of sadness, because it looks uncomfortable, the body is uncomfortable, so we have to repair as soon as possible, to help repair through proper exercise, such as standing exercises: hold the ball pile, hold the stumps, knees slightly bent, like non stop hip micro heavy like to sit - sit, half an hour every day; horse pile, hip, knee, but not less than 90 degrees, as a squat like, stick to the 3 - 5 minutes, every 2 - 3 times into 1 groups, 2 times a day. Can also be accomplished by wearing some professional equipment, such as Mike Abbott kneepad.

Knee pads, knee fixation, patella, corrective joints

For the maintenance of the body, on the one hand on their own, on the one hand by protective clothing, regardless of what you rely on, are required to exercise, and only sports can keep you. The problem is that the patella itself has no blood or lymph supply, so it is very slow to recover from the injury. A knee injury is not easy because the cartilage, meniscus like tissue regeneration of injured or damaged, these organizations do not like muscle can quickly grow out, to help them grow, to eat a lot of Glucosamine, and the effect is limited, is almost non renewable.

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