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Is knee kneecap useful?
Aug 23, 2017

Most people think of someone or something when they need it. In fact, this is also a real problem. Modern people are very busy just to be able to live well. These are not easy. But our bodies are the best capital parents and God gave us, and we must cherish it, once it hurts, it will be difficult to repair. So in life, no matter how busy you are, please don't forget your body, rice or eat, exercise or to go.

Is knee kneecap useful?

And when have to rely on external things to protect some of our body, many people will care about in the end there is no use, Mike Abbott is normal knee has certain effect on the knees, but more is to rely on their own to pay more attention to. In the procession, especially when you go down the mountain, do not straighten your legs completely, but leave a little curvature, so that your legs are like a spring. Should be flexible, walking light, foot and forefoot should be outside the ground (trained players are aware of this), followed by the only stable equilibrium and control the direction of the effect.

What kind of knee does not fit with knee pads?

It's not something that suits you. You're right. The more expensive things are, the more suitable for you. These things need constant trying to find which one is best for you. Knee problems are not good enough for knee pads. Whatever type of knee sprain occurs, the initial symptoms can be pain, swelling, walking and movement, and so on. Usually, after a few days of rest, temporary relief will be obtained. But many diseases have no actual recovery, but they don't hurt. They don't swell.

How do you protect your knees by running regularly?

Running is one of our favorite sports, and running allows us to sweat in a short time so as to achieve the real goal of exercise and give us a healthier body. Back on the wall, the wall heel distance of 1 foot, placing a ball in between the two knees (basketball, football), holding the ball, along the walls of the body slowly squat, knees and legs until a 90 degree angle, count three seconds, then slowly straight from the body. Because the back wall sticks to support a part of the body weight, the knee force is relatively small, so it is safer.

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