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How to use sports protective gear
Aug 23, 2017

Exercise important master degrees, not without awareness of the casual use of protective clothing or action is not standardized, all these will affect their health, such as fitness activities, fitness, "Kung Fu" should not "pull", "squat", to prevent damage to the corresponding parts of the muscles.

Sports safety belt knee how to do protection in sports, in order to avoid bodily injury? Double full as the famous wrestling experts, well versed in sports protection in sports, especially the key role to avoid bodily injury to the fierce competitive sports. He briefed reporters on three aspects of protection knowledge.

Master proper movement, degree and quantity". Sports safety belt is necessary to moderate knee exercise warm-up of ordinary people should be aerobic exercise, general exercise can weekly 3 ~ 5 times, each time 20 ~ 30 minutes; or 3 times a week to the gym, can increase two times to lose weight for the purpose, every 1 ~ 2 hours aerobic exercise.

It is important to note that in any exercise activities, single action repeat number should not be too much of a limb or joint, not too long to do the same action, try not to do flexion or hyperextension of the action, so as to avoid joint injury. Most people have a simple observation method of aerobic exercise activity intensity is, if to speak in exercise activities difficult that some big strength, can be adjusted; and the feeling of difficulty in breathing, that has been too large to reduce the intensity of exercise exercise intensity.

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