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How to protect your waist
Aug 23, 2017

First: how to buy protective belts?

If you have orthopedic function, patients with lower back discomfort usually need special care. They need to be made of steel or metal, which can make a good shaping effect, reduce bending and relieve pain. Some businesses will say that the use of high-quality resin lath, due to flexibility, both than the general steel effect will be better. There are waist discomfort, is certainly to play a fixed role, so that the waist has to support and reduce bending, so the best is the steel plate. Only in this way, can support the back of the waist at the same time restore upright posture, will not feel pain or pain.

Ventilation perspire sweat absorption? Most people need waist support, to keep warm in winter, summer is to be used, but this time, if not waist ventilation perspire sweat, so wear body becomes a kind of suffering. So, if the waist is a high quality cotton structure, this problem can be solved. Because high quality pure cotton has always been considered strong skin affinity, strong ventilation, sweat absorption of good fabrics, and there is a nano selenium polypropylene fiber more permeability.

Whether the quality assurance, honor, evaluation and repeat is good enough, enough? This point directly concerns the vital interests of consumers to spend less money to buy poor quality products, with several variants, or smelly, uncomfortable, is equivalent to a waste of money, and spend money to buy support the waist, for the average consumer, a little economic pressure, therefore, mainly depends on quality assurance for the price of more than 200 this is very good

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