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Back Support

Back Support is a cloth used to protect the waist. It is also called a waist belt. With the development of science and technology, the material of the waist is not limited to the usual fabric, and its function is not limited to keeping warm. The waist protector was originally applied to the waist disease, and it is the best choice for the long-sitting long-time worker to protect the waist.
Principle of action
A good waist can not only fix the waist, keep warm, but also continuously release far infrared and negative ions. And it brings the thermoelectric stimulation effect of micro current to the human body. It can effectively improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, activate cells to promote metabolism, dredge meridians, hurricane dehumidification, relieve pain and cold, and enhance the body's ability to resist disease. The product is safe, easy to use and lasting.
Usually warm waistband: waistband made of cotton and wool;
Add magnet to protect the waist: strengthen the magnetic therapy effect;
Self-heating belt: such as far infrared waist;
Electric waist belt: electric heating treasure, etc.;
Bamboo charcoal fiber waistband: bamboo charcoal fiber velvet, cotton, carbon wire breathable belt;
High-performance high-position waistband: It is made of resin strips, nylon, polyurethane and polyester with good flexibility. It is breathable, fixed and comfortable.
The time to wear the waist should be determined according to the back pain condition, generally 3 to 6 weeks is appropriate, and the longest use time can not exceed 3 months. This is because during the onset of the disease, the protective effect of the waist protects the waist muscles to rest, relieve muscle spasm, promote blood circulation, and is conducive to disease recovery. However, its protection is passive and effective in a short period of time. If long-term use of the waist will reduce the chance of waist muscle exercise and reduce the formation of waist strength, the lumbar muscle will gradually shrink and cause new damage.
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